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Established in 2013, Brigadoon is the global community where creative, curious, and compelling entrepreneurs and thought leaders gather to discuss emerging issues shaping commerce and culture.

Brigadoon is an opt-in, word of mouth community of leaders looking to learn from others to create a network of leaders committed to public service, solving problems, and building businesses.

From salon dinners, to excursions and multi-day retreats, Brigadoon organizes a number of events in distinctive settings that involve all participants and foster deeper connections.

The Brigadoon secret:

  • Bring a unique, global network of subject matter experts together in distinctive settings that intellectually challenges participants

  • Ensure maximum conversations and discussions

  • Events are more retreat and less conference

  • Gatherings and conversations are under Chatham House rules

  • No powerpoints - ever

  • Program activities that foster deeper connections


How Brigadoon makes it work:

  • Produce a diverse, global network of experts from different sectors, countries, and backgrounds

  • Create a platform to release ideas and exchange best practices using offline and online techniques

  • Participants seek knowledge from others who have unique perspectives not frequently seen in your daily life

  • Create a multi-decade foundation of leaders committed to public service, solving problems, and building businesses

  • Construct gatherings that are more transformational and not transactional



Why Attend = 9 Reasons to Attend Brigadoon Sundance 2019

  1. The world is cluttered with worn-out conference formats, one-way panel events, and stuffy corporate dinners

  2. Gatherings rarely connect onstage information with offstage networking opportunities and ongoing conversations

  3. Legacy events are myopic and don't bring a collection of well-rounded attendees to the same place at the same time

  4. Leave the gathering smarter and more energized 

  5. No dreadful powerpoint presentations

  6. The conversations cover emerging issues shaping commerce and culture

  7. Hear and learn from insiders and subject matter experts

  8. The Owl

  9. Alpine mountain activities = ski, snowshoe, hike, fly fish, yoga, plus photography and art classes


Participant Profile

  • Venture capitalists

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Journalists

  • Communicators

  • Authors

  • Designers

  • Entertainment producers

  • Doctors

  • Lobbyists

  • Thought leaders

  • Athletes

  • Professors

  • Elected Officials



Marc A. Ross

Thought Leader Communications + Global Public Affairs

Marc A. Ross is the founder of Brigadoon and specializes in thought leader communications and global public affairs for senior executives working at the intersection of globalization, disruption, and politics. For more information, consulting services, and partnerships, please email