Brigadoon Los Angeles 2019

Michael Keane
Chief Business Officer @ Blue Duck Scooters

Brigadoon Detroit 2019

Paul Snyder
Paul & Helen Farago Chair of Transportation Design @ College of Creative Studies

Brigadoon Sundance 2019

Main Stage

Kelsey Durkin
Writer + Comedian @KeepOn

Brook Hazelton
Chairman, WineCredit

Tanya Meck
Partner and Managing Director @ Global Strategy Group

Dan Owen
Vice President - Head of Industry Sales @ The Weather Channel - IBM

Jason Prall
Co-Founder @ The Human Longevity Project

Michael Rivera
Executive Director, Founder Central at USC - Marshall School of Business

Benjamin Shobert
Author @ Blaming China: It Might Feel Good But It Won’t Fix America’s Economy

Deloris Wilson
Inclusive Innovation Fellow @ Georgetown Institute for Technology Law and Policy

Whiteboard Sessions

Jeff Corless
COO @ Perceive Communications, Inc. + President and CEO @ Venture Strategic

Rick Doten
Chief, Cyber and Information Security @ Crumpton Group LLC

Catie Hargrove
Strategy and Management Consultant @ Axiom Consulting Partners

Wendy Jones
Author @ The Optimists Journal

CDR Nico Melendez (USNR)
CEO @ Perceive Communications, Inc. + Former National Spokesman @ US Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration

Marc Ross
Founder @ Brigadoon + Caracal Global

Benjamin Shobert
Author @ Blaming China: It Might Feel Good But It Won’t Fix America’s Economy

Brigadoon Cincinnati 2018

Bryan Goodpaster
Senior Creative Director of Trends & Foresight @ LPK

Brigadoon Detroit 2018

John Kwant
Vice President, City Solutions @ Ford Motor Company

Brigadoon Annapolis 2018

Frederik De Pue
Executive Chef + Owner @ Flamant

Antoine RJ Wright
Director of UX Engagements @ Mindboard, Inc.

Ron Layton
Acting CEO @ Position Business Ltd.

Brigadoon Sundance 2018

Elena Cizmaric
Director, Communications @ Atlanta United FC

Garrett Graff
Author of Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government's Secret Plan to Save Itself--While the Rest of Us Die

Gregory Korte
White House Correspondent @ USA Today

Jodi Latina
Chief of Staff @ City of New Britain, CT

David Livingston
Director of Leadership Development @ McChrystal Group

Sarah Kate (Skate) Noftsinger
Director of Marketing + Fan Engagement @ Atlanta United FC

Patty Roe
Cannabis Entrepreneur, Marketing + Business Consultant @ Pink Haze LLC

Mark Seifert
Partner @ Brunswick

Ash Spiegelberg
Partner @ Brunswick

Iain Thomson
Reporter @ The Register

Brigadoon Sundance 2017

Jonno Evans
Economist + British Diplomat @ UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Vincent Harris
Founder @ Harris Media

Virginia Heffernan
Author @ MAGIC AND LOSS: The Internet as Art

Joseph Lichterman
Staff Writer @ Nieman Journalism Lab

Ada Polla
CEO @ Alchimie Forever

Amit Sharma
Founder @ Empowerment Capital, LLC

Jonathan Zuck
President @ ACT | The App Association