Brigadoon Retreat | Sundance 2020

Brigadoon Retreat 2020.png

Brigadoon is organizing its eighth gathering of entrepreneurs and thought leaders at Sundance Mountain Resort next winter.

Think of three days in the Utah mountains, engaging subject matter experts, meeting new entrepreneurs, hearing from thought leaders, enjoying winter mountain sports, a spa, yoga and meditation classes, the Owl Bar, delicious meals, relaxing by a fire, powerpoint free sessions, and discussions with fellow participants on emerging issues shaping commerce and culture.

The event is more retreat and less conference. 

The gathering is less transactional and more transformational.

There is plenty of space to get lost in and explore, but at the same time enjoy roaring fireplaces and cozy nooks perfect for strategic thinking or engaging conversations.

You will be exposed to new ideas, discuss global issues, talk about enterprise, play in the mountains, enjoy some great meals, and ultimately leave the gathering smarter.

The gathering will have an intimate feel and will be limited to just 100 participants.

2020 Topics

  • Space Exploration

  • Ocean Adventure

  • Internet of Things

  • Immigration + Border

  • Robots + Automation

  • Modern Monetary Theory

  • Architecture

  • Mental Wellness + Performance

2020 Bonus Activities

  • High West Brunch + Tour

  • Thought Leader Training

  • Concierge Service


From $1,325.00

Why attend?

✔️ This will be an intimate event limited to only 100 attendees and provides open and frank discussions with all participants. Plus, you feel like a guest rather than a delegate.

✔️ Brigadoon gatherings are all powerpoint free and governed by Chatham House rules to ensure maximum conversations.

✔️ There are no lanyards or apps involved – by the end of the gathering you’ll be on first-name terms with subject matter experts from numerous industries including finance, government, business, media, architecture, design, retail, and hospitality.

✔️ Enjoy a discussion with fellow attendees on topics shaping commerce and culture in an informal and relaxed setting. Alongside the conversations and discussions, there is joyful, relaxed hospitality.

✔️ Regardless of your profession or skill set, you will be exposed to people who will inspire you to think about your work, life and home.

✔️ Brigadoon gatherings are transformational, not transactional.

Who is this for?

You are curious.

You can check your ego.

You want to make things.

You could be a thought leader.

You could be a senior executive.

You seek knowledge from others.

You could be thinking what is next.

You could be running your own business.

You could be leading a public policy campaign.

You could be seeking some new tools to help you.

You just want to learn how to get better at being you.

You have said ‘when the time is right’ too many times.

You could have a great career but have a yearning to do something else.