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Brigadoon Radio: Episode 23: Our Advice to You is After this is Done, Vacate Miami

Recorded at the Georgetown Waterfront Park in Washington, DC, a conversation between Marc Ross and Brendan Kownacki recapping and analyzing the first two-night Democratic presidential primary debate from Miami, Florida.

The conversation explores who won, who lost, who is in, and who is out. Plus, Marc and Brendan discuss where the campaigns go from here, impact on fundraising and polling, plus how this first debate will impact the general election in key states like Michigan.

Marc is an advisor and connector working at the intersection of globalization, disruption, and politics. Marc specializes in helping entrepreneurs and thought leaders make better connections and better communications. He is the founder of Brigadoon and Caracal Global. Marc has extensive experience in public affairs and communications for companies as well as leading the advocacy operations, fundraising programs, and marketing efforts for nonprofits, trade associations, and political campaigns, many for the highest offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Brendan Kownacki is an experienced and innovative producer who is working daily to push the boundaries of content utilization in public communication. Plus he serves on as an advisory board member of the DC-based Artists and Athletes Alliance, and since 2011 has served as the Senior Contributor for Hollywood on the Potomac, a Washington DC lifestyle website that looks at the intersection of power, politics, advocacy, and celebrity culture in the Nation’s Capital.