Did you know?


E-commerce powers China to world’s top retail spot: China is expected to overtake the US this year to become the world’s largest retail market, propelled by the country’s three-decade economic boom that has spawned the top global e-commerce market By the end of this year, e-commerce will make up over a third of all retail sales in China, compared to around a tenth in the US.

Global luxury brands are going all out with their digital Chinese New Year campaigns to ring in the Year of the Pig. 

Earth's tilt may exacerbate a melting Antarctic: Space.com reports, new research finds that over 30 million years of history, Antarctica's ice sheets responded most strongly to the angle of Earth's tilt on its axis when the ice extends into the oceans, interacting with currents that can bring warm water lapping at their margins and leading to increased melting. 

Bloomberg Innovation Index: World’s most innovative countries:

1. South Korea
2. Germany
3. Finland
4. Switzerland
5. Israel
6. Singapore 
7. Sweden
8. United States
9. Japan
10. France
11. Denmark
12. Austria
13. Belgium
14. Ireland
15. Netherlands