News from the Brigadoon community

Long-time Brigadoon supporter, speaker, and attend Perry Smith has a new project.

Minute Man Restaurant of El Dorado, Arkansas, soley owned and operated by Ms. Linda McGoogan, has partnered with Matchbox Food Group founder and Arkansas native Perry J. Smith to revive this legendary brand.

Minute Man was a pioneering fast-casual restaurant founded in Little Rock by entrepreneur Wesley (Wes) Hall in 1948. The original Minute Man location opened at 407 Broadway on May 26, 1948. At the height of its operations, the company had 57 company-owned and franchised locations throughout Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Perry J. Smith is an Arkansas native and career restaurateur and states that he has been a huge fan of Minute Man since he was a child. "My earliest restaurant experience was at a Minute Man on Cantrell Road in Little Rock. I think I was about 7 years old. McDonald's had opened down the street and all the kids were pestering their parents to take them for hamburgers. My dad said 'No, but I'm going to take you to an Arkansas restaurant to get a real charcoal grilled hamburger and fries. I was hooked."

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