Did you know?

How meditation can make you more creative http://bit.ly/2N4G5g5

I prefer loud EDM to spur creativity or a good walk or skiing down a steep hill.

The internet will be split in two by 2028, former Google CEO predicts: China and the US could lead two different versions of the internet in future.

Intranet = China
Internet = USA

Lax: The Sports & Fitness Industry Association identifies 2.17 million lacrosse participants in the US, an increase of 35 percent from 2012. Moreover, 57 percent of them have an annual household income of at least $75,000, making the group attractive to advertisers.

Straws: Caesars, like other Vegas resort operators, begins saying goodbye to single-use plastic straws.

It's all about wellness: CB Insights reports, the $3.7 trillion global wellness economy is exploding, and it's not just affecting food and personal care. Wellness is transforming everything from how gyms operate to the way retailers design clothing to how smart cities are designed. 

Vampire facials: The treatment involves taking the client’s blood and reinjecting the plasma back into their face. Yes, this is happening.

WEF: The future of jobs 2018 http://bit.ly/2N4UOY4

As technological breakthroughs rapidly shift the frontier between the work tasks performed by humans and those performed by machines and algorithms, global labor markets are likely to undergo major transformations.