Did you know?


Why Starbucks’s plastic straw ban might not help the environment: Getting rid of straws is a step toward ending plastic waste–but if it just involves replacing them with hard-to-recycle plastic lids, it may not do much good at all.

Poll: 67% of US adults support companies' phaseout of plastic straws

Check yourself: Around 73% of millennial US bank customers say they're open to trying financial products from a tech company they already use.

Media consumption: The latest numbers from Nielsen show that on average American adults spend 11.1 hours every day consuming media, up 19 minutes over the previous quarter. 

-- 92 percent of adults listen to radio in an average week

-- 88 percent watch television

-- 79 percent mess around on a smartphone

-- 60 percent on a computer

-- 15 percent on a game console

What is psychographics? Understanding the 'dark arts’ of marketing that brought down Cambridge Analytica: Although it came to light with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and 2016 US presidential election, psychographic marketing may be even more effective in commercial rather than political advertising. And it's already more prevalent than you might think. http://bit.ly/2MiCSJS

Bloomberg: Internal combustion engines may have 40 more years in the tank