What we've got here is failure to communicate


As an entrepreneur and thought leader, I am guessing one of your most prominent work fails is your failure to communicate.

You've created a work system, process, environment, where you've become too busy to articulate your skills, your expertise, your idea. 

I am guessing you would respond by saying: "Yes, there is a failure to communicate because I am TOO BUSY building my business."

How many entrepreneurs and thought leaders do we all know who have loads of expertise and compelling things to say who don't take the time to put their thoughts down on paper, on audio, on video?

How many forward-looking, big picture, culture moving ideas are being held hostage because of a failure to communicate?

Based on my experience, being too busy to formulate your ideas and share your thought leadership is probably the most significant tactic holding back your business and your goals.

Frankly, this tactic is a lack of discipline on your part.

The discipline to share your expertise is more important than intelligence or fancy credentials. 

It's the discipline of having the time, the energy, the foresight, and the wherewithal to being committed to communicating that makes the difference long-term and provides the best vehicle to display your skills, your expertise, your idea. 

The discipline of being ruthless with your time, your schedule, and your meetings - being ruthlessly efficient disciplined.

The ability to be comfortable with knowing what not to do and when to say no. 

The best entrepreneurs and thought leaders I engage with prioritize their time, have a high ability to delegate and remove those things, items, tasks, and people that don't help them towards their highest goals.

In our knowledge-based community economy, if you're an expert in anything, you need to be disciplined to take the time to write, record, film your skills, your expertise, your idea.

-Marc A. Ross | Brigadoon Founder + TLC

Marc A. Ross is the founder of Brigadoon and specializes in global communications, thought leader management, and event production. Working with doers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, Marc helps them create compelling communications, winning commerce, and powerful connections.