Did you know?

Blockchain is starting to show real promise amid the hype: Barron's reports, the new technology most associated with cryptocurrencies promises to make transactions faster, cheaper, and more secure, while decentralizing the internet. What investors should know.

One in 10 Airbnb hosts in the US is a teacher.

Mobile video: The format will account for 78% of all mobile data traffic, or even more if Instagram TV is successful.

Seth Godin: There are two paths, really: "I will serve just enough to make the maximum profit" or "I will profit just enough to provide the maximum service."

Trust your customers: 91% of consumers read online reviews and 84% trust them as much as a personal recommendation.

"Culture is greater than Strategy. Execution is greater than Strategy." -- Tom Peters

Millennials are about to be surpassed by Generation Z: Gen Z will comprise 32 percent of the global population of 7.7 billion in 2019, nudging ahead of millennials, who will account for a 31.5 percent share.