Did you know?

Biz trip for work and fun: Business and leisure travel are becoming increasingly blurred.

SoCal housing: The Southern California median home price reached a new all-time high of $536,250 in June, jumping 7.3% from a year earlier. 

QOTD: "True joy is about improv and odd twists and turns, about hilarious errors and imperfections. Can AI give me that?” -- Tom Peters

The ordinary license plate’s days may be numbered: NYT reports, several companies are applying digital technology to what has long been just a slab of metal, in hopes of making it cheaper to update your vehicle’s registration — and turning it into a portal to the connected world. “This is not about a license plate,” Reviver’s chief executive, Neville Boston, said. “It’s about connection. With a digital plate, you can be all connected in just one place.”