Today's public affairs environment + How to respond

This is today's public affairs environment:

1. Trust in governments and institutions is at a historic low 

2. Global challenges are putting pressure on businesses and governments  equally

3. The future is now - but not all are equally prepared and ready to move forward

4. Bezos et al. - America loves entrepreneurial heroes

5. Longtail vs. Hitsville - focus on the long-term, be patient, and serve the smallest most profitable audience possible

6. Brand Marketing vs. Direct Marketing: Be a direct marketer and know that the Internet is a micro-media and a personalized media 

7. High or Low: Stand for something - Don't be in the mushy middle 

8. Big Data > Big Oil: Make great use of your data and double down on what works

9. Get offline and have a conversation. Repeat

10. Make relationships scalable by giving more and asking less

How you should respond in today's public affairs environment - focus on these five buckets:

1. Provide education: Provide tools, materials, and sessions that educate and improve people's lives, businesses, pet causes - give, give, give, and give again

2. Think experience: Ampily offline experiences into online spaces and take advantage of unique user experiences for different platforms - Insta, Face, Link, Twitter, etc.

3. Produce entertainment: Make your content fun and make sure it grabs attention and is sharable - If you wouldn't send the content to your friends or share on your networks - well then it isn't that good

4. Be entrepreneurial: Champion entrepreneurship, small business, the little guy doing well in the marketplace - America loves the hero story and those who overcome challenges

5. Impart thought leadership: Send messages and press release, and send a lot of them - overwhelm the marketplace. Amazon has posted nearly 50 press releases so far in 2018 (Read Fortune: Amazon's brag and awe press release strategy), and for Twitter alone, you should have 20 posts daily

Plan accordingly.

-Marc A. Ross

Marc A. Ross is the founder of Brigadoon and specializes in developing winning communications, content, connections, and commerce for entrepreneurs and thought leaders.