Brigadoon 2018 Detroit Dinners

Brigadoon is organizing its first gathering of entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Detroit, Michigan this spring. Attendees will come from around the globe to exchange insights and drive creativity.

The 2018 event will take place May 10-12.

This Brigadoon event will be more tour and less conference. 

Dinners for this event will take place at some of the leading Motor City restaurants, with a discussion focused on global issues, urban development, and keynote remarks from local historians, with the goal of ultimately leaving the meal smarter.

Brigadoon hosts word-of-mouth, opt-in events. Attendees are individuals who possess significant expertise on issues that touch all parts of our daily lives, but in areas, we may know little about because of our expertise.

Brigadoon engages its participants with hands-on meetings, meals designed to expand your network and creative activities. 

The dinner will have an intimate feel with just 20 attendees. Venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, journalists, communicators, designers, producers, doctors, lobbyists, thought leaders, and athletes comprise the guest list.

Brigadoon’s real value is unique in a world cluttered with worn-out conference formats and one-way panel events. Attendees find value in both what is happening on stage as much as what is going on off stage.

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