Welcome to the idea factory.

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A cross-section of subject matter experts attend all Brigadoon gatherings.

Having conversations with smart people about emerging issues shaping commerce and culture is essential in today's competitive and global business environment.

Generating knowledge from others who have unique perspectives not frequently seen in your daily life is a fantastic tool to sharpen your skills.

It’s what you know beyond your unique skills, specialization, and experiences that allow you to come up with the ideas necessary to do your job and take on entrepreneurial and thought leader challenges.

Solid thinking, business model innovations, and leadership skills are most potent when applied with another discipline or two, or even better, three.

Make plans to attend Brigadoon Sundance 2019.

Welcome to the idea factory.

Brigadoon Sundance 2019

February 24-26

Sundance Mountain Resort, Utah

Ticket = $850.00

Only 25 spots available

50% of the tickets sold

More information and ticket sales, click here.