Did you know?


Vacation: Around 1.3 billion tourists hit the road 2017, according to the World Tourism Organization.

Set-top boxes: Americans spend $20 billion on cable boxes per year.

Australia and luxury goods: Australians spend $2.1 billion a year on luxury goods, and the market has grown by more than 10 percent a year since 2013, according to research house IBISWorld. Almost a third of this spending is by tourists – and also increasingly by a younger demographic, whose desires are fuelled by celebrity endorsements on social media.

Mail is hot media: Emails often get deleted without so much as being opened, regardless of how cheeky the subject line is. “People our age get hundreds of emails a day, but they only get ten pieces of a mail a day, if that many,” says Pete Christman, the head of acquisition marketing at the shaving company Harry’s, which counts on mailers as part of its marketing. “From a numbers perspective, email is a much noisier environment.”