Brigadoon Dinners + Brigadoon Scotland + Brigadoon Sundance


At its core, Brigadoon is about curating conversations with the compelling, the creative, and the curious.

Brigadoon is expanding to add more dinners and an additional 2.5-day gathering in Scotland. Upcoming dinners will focus on radio + entertainment, dining at Frederik De Pue's new restaurant Flamant, learning how Politico's Playbook shapes American politics daily, and how 5G and the Internet of Things will shape the future of our cities.

In addition, Brigadoon Scotland will take place at wonderful Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland this November and Brigadoon will return for a sixth time to Sundance, Utah next February.

All Brigadoon events are intimate, limited, and AV-free to ensure an open and frank discussion with all participants.

You can find the full list of events here:

I hope you can participate and take advantage of these gatherings. 


Marc A. Ross
Founder + CEO

PS: Feel free to share these upcoming Brigadoon events with your network. Brigadoon is only successful when new ideas and new concepts are shared and cultivated.