The Best Places to Travel in 2017 - by Condé Nast Traveler


First it was Iceland. Everyone in our office was going to Iceland. Then South Africa. Now, it's Scotland—four of us went this fall alone, and came back asking for more time off to go back. “I didn’t see enough,” was the refrain. For some, the cities were the draw—the medieval lure of Edinburgh, with a "New Town” from the 1800s, but a food scene that's so contemporary, it makes Brooklyn look behind the times; or the gritty-but-great art and music scene of Glasgow, where underground is sometimes better than aboveground. Then there’s the reaches of the Highlands, from Oban up to the Orkneys, plus dozens of islands, some known for their whisky, others history, still others their white-sand beaches (no joke). The year 2017 marks the year of History, Heritage, and Archaeology in Scotland, which means it's time to explore the standing stones (made famous, for better or for worse, by Outlander), discover your roots, and find your tartan. And now, with new nonstop Delta flights from New York-JFK to Edinburgh, it's easier than ever to get there. —L.D.R.

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