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Brigadoon DC | Aperitivo

  • Washington DC 20036 (map)
Brigadoon DC 2019_Aperitivo.png

An aperitivo is often described as being similar to the American happy hour, but when it's a Brigadoon gathering, it’s much more than that.

Brigadoon is bringing together a peerless group of entrepreneurs and thought leaders for our first aperitivo in Washington, DC.

We will gather for cocktails and conversation at Woodward Table on Thursday, June 27.

This is a free to attend, cash bar gathering designed for meeting old friends and making new friends.

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Why attend?

✔️ Brigadoon gatherings are all powerpoint free and governed by Chatham House rules to ensure maximum conversations.

✔️ There are no lanyards or apps involved – by the end of the gathering you’ll be on first-name terms with subject matter experts from numerous industries including finance, government, business, media, architecture, design, retail, and hospitality.

✔️ Enjoy a discussion with fellow attendees on topics shaping commerce and culture in an informal and relaxed setting. Alongside the conversations and discussions, there is joyful, relaxed hospitality.

✔️ Regardless of your profession or skill set, you will be exposed to people who will inspire you to think about your work, life and home.

✔️ Brigadoon gatherings are transformational, not transactional.


Ellen Huber

Brendan Kownacki

Jamian Ronca Spadavecchia


Thursday - June 27, 2019

Location: Woodward Table | 1426 H Street, NW


5:30 - 7:30 pm


Free to attend + Cash bar

Who is this for?

You are curious.

You can check your ego.

You want to make things.

You could be a thought leader.

You could be a senior executive.

You seek knowledge from others.

You could be thinking what is next.

You could be running your own business.

You could be leading a public policy campaign.

You could be seeking some new tools to help you.

You just want to learn how to get better at being you.

You have said ‘when the time is right’ too many times.

You could have a great career but have a yearning to do something else.