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What is Brigadoon?

Brigadoon is where entrepreneurs and thought leaders gather to discuss emerging issues shaping commerce and culture.

When he was the editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter always strove to give his readers the insider's perspective - sharing with his readers what was really happening in the room.

Not analysis from outsiders or pundits speculating - insiders telling their stories.

That is Brigadoon's goal.

Discussions led by subject matter experts on issues shaping our daily lives.

Brigadoon is all about identifying the business of expertise and curating conversations with specialists in their fields who lead sessions that are intimate, low tech, and powerpoint free.

What is Brigadoon’s ROI?

Brigadoon is transformational, not transactional.

Who attends?

The creative curious plus the readers of The Economist + Wired + Outdoor Magazine + Inc.

What airport do I use?

Book a flight to SLC (Salt Lake City).

SLC airport is one of Delta's hubs, so there are numerous direct flights to this airport from around the county.

What are the options to travel from SLC to Sundance Mountain Resort?

You can rent a car, hire a car, use Lyft or Uber, or join a carpool. The trip from the airport to the resort should take 60 minutes.

Is there a special room rate and a room block is available for all Brigadoon participants?


The event officially starts at 6:30 pm MT on Sunday, February 24, but please plan to arrive early or stay late if your schedule allows.

Here are the lodging options:

  • Standard $229

  • Studio $249

  • Sundance Suite $279

  • Mountain Suite $299

  • Mountain Loft $329

*** plus taxes and fees

Vacation homes are also available - please speak to the resort to discuss options.

You can view the various setups here:

Will I have time to play in the mountains?


There are numerous bonus amenities and free skiing for Sundance Mountain Resort guests.

Every reservation includes two free ski/lift passes per bedroom with each day of stay, plus these amenities:

  • Gratuity free service (bell staff, concierge, housekeeping)

  • Complimentary wellness classes, yoga, and nature walks

  • Transportation around the resort

  • Concierge services for activity and dining planning

  • Sundance Farms handmade soaps

  • Hand-blown recycled glasses from the Sundance Art Studios

  • Plus excursions to High West Distillery and Park City are organized over the course of the event.

What is the attire?

The attire for all sessions is mountain resort casual.