Brigadoon Sundance 2018 | Speakers + Topics


The State of American Politics Shaped by the Trump White House

Gregory Korte - White House Correspondent @ USA Today

Terabytes, Technology, Tantrums + Trends  

Iain Thomson - Reporter @ The Register

Sports Marketing, Fan Engagement, and the Rise of Soccer in the United States

Sarah Kate (Skate) Noftsinger - Senior Director Marketing + Fan Engagement @ Atlanta United FC

Elena Cizmaric - Director Communications @ Atlanta United FC

How to Succeed in Politics and Communications at the State and Local Level

Jodi Latina - Chief of Staff @ Mayor Erin Stewart - New Britain, Connecticut 

The Government's Secret Plans to Survive Nuclear War

Garrett Graff - Contributing Editor @ WIRED Magazine

The New Frontier: California's Green Rush and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Patty Roe - CEO @ Pink Haze

How the Rise of AI, Social Networks, and Other Technologies Will Fundamentally Change the Role of Leaders

David Livingston - Director of Leadership Development @ McChrystal Group

C-Suite Communications and Strategy: #MeToo, Mega IPOs, and Media Mattering

Ash Spiegelberg - Partner @ Brunswick

Mark Seifert - Partner @ Brunswick

The new frontier: California's green rush and opportunities for entrepreneurs

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Patty Roe is the founder of luxury cannabis brand Pink Haze.  Before founding Pink Haze, a woman-owned business targeting female cannabis consumers, she co-founded a successful marketing firm that grew to over $4M in annual revenues. She spent eight years in Washington, D.C. serving as Chief of Staff to two members of Congress and a decade in the securities industry marketing global investment products to institutional clients, working in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and San Diego. In 2015, she was named one of San Diego Magazine’s “Women of Year.” She will lead a discussion on the new frontier: California's green rush and opportunities for entrepreneurs at #BrigadoonSundance2018.

How to succeed in politics and communications at the state and local level

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Jodi Latina is Chief of Staff for one of the youngest mayors in the United States, Mayor Erin Stewart, the 40th mayor of New Britain, Connecticut. Mayor Stewart is 30 years old and in her second term as the highest elected official in a city of 75,000 residents. As Chief of Staff, Jodi is a lead advisor in the mayor's office as well as responsible for 20 departments, 1,800 city employees, and a city council of 15 members. She will lead a conversation on how to succeed in politics and communications at the state and local level at #BrigadoonSundance2018.

Low Tech > High Tech

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The dates for Brigadoon Sundance 2018 are February 25 -27.

The event is more retreat and less conference. 

Think of it as a mountain weekend where participants will be exposed to new ideas, discuss global issues, talk about enterprise, play in the snow, and ultimately leave the gathering smarter.

Ticket sales end on January 25, 2018. 

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