Walkabout, Homaro Cantu, WIP, Steal, Zen

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Walkabout, Homaro Cantu, WIP, Steal, Zen

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April 7, 2018
Curation and commentary from Marc A. Ross

Reporting from Alexandria, Virginia

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Make that walkabout a priority; your imagination will thank you

Made famous in the United States by famed Australian philosopher Crocodile Dundee, a walkabout is a journey through the wilderness of one's choosing to satisfy an itch, a desire to be elsewhere, the craving for the open road, or to engage the space over the horizon.

A walkabout can be a simple bike ride to your local art museum or possibly a more adventurous cross-continental journey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. A walkabout can be joining the local historical society or taking a gap year to teach economics in Canada.

Regardless of the distance traveled or the actions taken, your imagination will thank you for the change of scenery. The brain gets too comfortable in your everyday surroundings. Same morning routine. Same office commute. Same weekly meetings. Same quarterly reports. Same yearly industry conference. Sameness overload. 

This sameness can suppress your ability to generate new ideas.

Without generating new ideas, you become a manager and not a leader.

Changing up the pace, the people, the poetry can have profound results. From developing new skills and insights, but more importantly, your ability to generate new ideas.

You are a mashup of what you let into your life - friends, meals, music, books, art, lectures, movies, experiences, etc.

Every new idea is a mashup of one or more previous ideas. Without developing new ideas, the mashup process stalls.

So make time for that walkabout. Big or small, your imagination will thank you.

“I have stared long enough at the glowing flat rectangles of computer screens. Let us give more time for doing things in the real world . . . plant a plant, walk the dogs, read a real book, go to the opera.” -- Edward R. Tufte


Making sense of non-public Blockchains http://bit.ly/2H5wmES

NASA is trying to build a supersonic aircraft without the boom http://bit.ly/2qd9FXl

The life and death of Homaro Cantu, the genius chef who wanted to change the world: Guardian reports, how a homeless child grew up to become the most inventive chef in history. http://bit.ly/2uSkVh5

Double double trouble? Tim Hortons plummets in ranking of Canadian brands: CBC reports, a public spat with some of its franchisees and outrage over its response to minimum wage hikes seems to have made a dent in Canadians' much-publicized love for Tim Hortons this year, as the iconic coffee and doughnut chain has plummeted on an annual ranking of brands by market research firm Leger. http://bit.ly/2Etewsl

Four key lessons in entrepreneurship from hip-hophttp://bit.ly/2Ep6Bwl

1. They just start
2. The tools are practically free
3. Make language your leverage
4. Everything’s a WIP (work in progress) 


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@ThisIsSethsBlog: Words on slides http://tinyurl.com/ya9vm2j6


Far Ride magazine: A quarterly advertisement-free publication printed in Seoul, South Korea focused on the exploration of cycling related journeys around the world aimed at putting you on your saddle more. http://farridemag.com/ 


Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative: One of my go-to books for inspiration, innovation, and imagination. 

Written by Austin Kleon, a great reminder to all of us, you don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself. Written as a manifesto for the digital age, the book is a guide whose positive message, graphic look and illustrations, exercises, and filled with new truths about creativity: Nothing is original, so embrace influence, collect ideas, and remix and re-imagine to discover your own path. Follow your interests wherever they take you. Stay smart, stay out of debt, and risk being boring—the creative you will need to make room to be wild and daring in your imagination.


The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling: HBO is running this four-and-a-half-hour documentary about the iconic comedian. Developed by Judd Apatow, the documentary features conversations with more than 40 of Shandling’s family and friends, and four decades’ worth of TV appearances, along with personal journals, private letters and candid home audio and video footage that reveal his brilliant mind and restless soul. Apatow’s documentary not only chronicles one man’s ability to survive the ups and downs of a life in show business but also offers a profound investigation into the power of comedy to elevate the human spirit.


Brigadoon Sundance playlist on Google Music. You can listen here.


Sebastian Steudtner big wave surfing at Nazare, Portugal: Watch this http://bit.ly/2H8niyI

How to survive in the Premier League: FT reports, a season tracking the highs and lows of Swansea City as they battle to avoid relegation. https://on.ft.com/2GGHYNp

WSJ - Jason Gay: My Masters is Paris-Roubaix. Golf is fun, but on Sunday morning, cycling offers a rock fight for the ages https://on.wsj.com/2HaChs0