San Antonio

Wellness, Flying Cars, Millennials, San Antonio

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Selling wellness, whether it works or not: WSJ reports, developers command a premium for homes with amenities like infrared saunas and meditation rooms, though some scientists dispute their benefits.

Nearly 1 in 5 students in the US don't have access to computers at home.

Flying cars get a lift from Denso and Honeywell: Nikkei reports, Japanese automotive parts supplier Denso will join forces with Honeywell International to jointly develop electric and hybrid propulsion systems for flying passenger vehicles under plans announced Monday.

Millennials prize experiences: Forget the thread count, plush bathrobes and white goose-down pillows. A vacation is no longer defined by where you stay, but what you do—at least for many millennials.

Pilita Clark: The sad decline of the sensible company name: Many modern businesses offer baffled outsiders no clues about what it is they actually do.

Canada ‘blew’ its chance to be the world’s pot leader: Bloomberg reports, a lack of policy innovation, a messy patchwork of provincial regulations and severe restrictions on marketing and branding have left Canadian pot companies eating the Americans’ dust, according to Neil Selfe, founder, and chief executive officer of Infor Financial Group Inc.

San Antonio as a TV market: It is bigger than Kansas City, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Las Vegas on its own. Combine it with Austin, and you have 1.71 million TV households, which is more than Miami-Fort Lauderdale or Denver, + in the ballpark of Minneapolis-St. Paul and Seattle-Tacoma.