Dinner and Sailing in Annapolis this September? Yes, please.

Starting Thursday, September 12 make plans to attend Brigadoon Annapolis | Salon Dinner + Sailing.

We will gather for a special dinner and discussion at Flamant on Thursday, September 12 and a morning cruise of the Chesapeake Bay will take place on Friday, September 13.

Brigadoon Annapolis 2019 | Salon Dinner + Sailing

2019 Topic = Thought Leader Mindset

Cost = $365.00

Brigadoon Radio: Episode 9: Accessing Fresh Perspectives

Recorded Pinehaven House at Sundance Mountain Resort, Dr. Mark Stellingworth speaks with Leo D'Cruz during Brigadoon Sundance 2019.

Leo is a 2x Brigadoon Sundance participant and is a communications strategist serving as Chief Communications Officer @ ReverbArt + Design based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Upgrade your competitive advantage - Be a professional

Brigadoon Professional 1.png

Established in 2013, Brigadoon is the global community where creative, curious, and compelling entrepreneurs and thought leaders gather bringing together diverse talents to exchange insights and drive creativity.

Brigadoon is an opt-in, word of mouth community of leaders looking to learn from others to create a foundation of individuals committed to public service, solving problems, and building businesses.

At its core, Brigadoon is all about bringing a unique, global network together in special settings that intellectually and physically challenge all participants.

All Brigadoon events are more retreat and less conference, where gatherings and conversations are under Chatham House rules. And most critically, no powerpoints and audio/visual equipment are permitted at our events. 

Brigadoon is all about having ambitious conversations without technology being a distraction.

Today I am excited to announce Brigadoon Professional, tools to help you upgrade your competitive advantage in the fast-changing global business environment.

Brigadoon Professional will provide resources, educations, and experiences to drive new connections that will help you succeed and reach your full potential.


One invitation (event fee for one) to a single Brigadoon tentpole gathering and a 10% discount on all other Brigadoon events

Tools for Success

Delivered twice a year, two highly curated books on leadership, performance, or public affairs

Prefered opportunities to contribute original content to Brigadoon’s blog and forthcoming podcast and magazine

20% discount on Caracal Global’s Five-Step Communication and Thought Leader Audit

Listed as a partner on attendee packets

Ground floor to set agenda and develop ongoing Brigadoon engagement and projects.

Access a global network of entrepreneurs and thought leaders to test ideas and engage an exclusive audience

Opportunities to develop curated events and gatherings for employees and clients

Plus more resources to come

You are invited to join Brigadoon Professional for a fee of $1,000.00.  You can make a one-time payment or opt for a monthly payment of just $83.33.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want a better understanding of how being a Brigadoon Professional will benefit your business and career year-round and globally.

Purchase your access to Brigadoon Professional, click here

Thanks for supporting the Brigadoon project and making it special and unique in a world cluttered with worn-out conference formats, one-way panel events, stuffy corporate dinners, and exhausted networking platforms.


Marc A. Ross is the founder of Brigadoon and specializes in global communications and thought leader management at the intersection of politics, policy, and profits.


Brigadoon Sundance 2018 | Speakers + Topics


The State of American Politics Shaped by the Trump White House

Gregory Korte - White House Correspondent @ USA Today

Terabytes, Technology, Tantrums + Trends  

Iain Thomson - Reporter @ The Register

Sports Marketing, Fan Engagement, and the Rise of Soccer in the United States

Sarah Kate (Skate) Noftsinger - Senior Director Marketing + Fan Engagement @ Atlanta United FC

Elena Cizmaric - Director Communications @ Atlanta United FC

How to Succeed in Politics and Communications at the State and Local Level

Jodi Latina - Chief of Staff @ Mayor Erin Stewart - New Britain, Connecticut 

The Government's Secret Plans to Survive Nuclear War

Garrett Graff - Contributing Editor @ WIRED Magazine

The New Frontier: California's Green Rush and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Patty Roe - CEO @ Pink Haze

How the Rise of AI, Social Networks, and Other Technologies Will Fundamentally Change the Role of Leaders

David Livingston - Director of Leadership Development @ McChrystal Group

C-Suite Communications and Strategy: #MeToo, Mega IPOs, and Media Mattering

Ash Spiegelberg - Partner @ Brunswick

Mark Seifert - Partner @ Brunswick