Flash Sale | Brigadoon Sundance 2020

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This week only.

Save $200.00 on all tickets for Brigadoon Sundance 2020.

This will be Brigadoon’s eighth gathering of entrepreneurs and thought leaders at Sundance Mountain Resort next winter.

Think of three days in the Utah mountains, engaging subject matter experts, meeting new entrepreneurs, hearing from thought leaders, enjoying winter mountain sports, a spa, yoga and meditation classes, the Owl Bar, delicious meals, relaxing by a fire, powerpoint free sessions, and discussions with fellow participants on emerging issues shaping commerce and culture.

2020 Topics =

* Space Exploration

* Ocean Adventure

* Internet of Things

* Immigration + Border

* Robots + Automation

* Modern Monetary Theory

* Architecture

* Mental Wellness + Performance

FLASH SALE = From $850.00

No bull. Work remotely from Scotland.

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You can do this. The time is right. The situation is right. 

Work remotely with other entrepreneurs and thought leaders at Carphin House in Fife, Scotland this fall. 

Think of four days where you can work remotely in a country estate, spend the day as you want, work on your book, strategize, think, read, whiteboard, check-out, or go for a hike.

End each day with private chef prepared dinners with fellow participants where the topic of conversation is business development and entrepreneurship.