Argentina, Dad, Tracksmith, Hype Cycle, STEM, Errol Gerson


Brigadoon Weekly
September 8, 2019
Curation and commentary from
Marc A. Ross

Reporting from Alexandria, Virginia

Argentina, Dad, Tracksmith, Hype Cycle, STEM, Errol Gerson


What Alibaba can learn from Argentina

Alibaba looks wonderful until you realize it is protected from Amazon in its home market of China.

Is Jack Ma up to the challenge of Jeff Bezos?


But we will really never know.

How to properly manage the balance between protection and competition has been a challenge for governments for centuries.

Leaders know the steps you take to build a modern, world-class economy matters - do you protect it with subsidies and limiting market access or do you challenge it with trade and open market access?

Time and again those nations that challenge their home companies to be competitive globally are the most prosperous and most successful. Germany, the United States, Britain, Japan, and Italy are all prime examples.

In the 1930s, Argentina ranked among the ten richest nations in the world, after the likes of Australia, Britain, and the United States, but ahead of France, Germany, and Italy. With all the benefits of land, natural resources, and immigration, Argentina should have been able to maintain its position on this table and even possibly overtake the United States.

As it now stands, we know how this turned out for each country.

Argentina chose protectionism while the United States chose competition.

China and the leadership of Alibaba should consider Argentina and grasp that what looks good and sensible today, may not last forever.


Marc A. Ross is a strategist and advisor working at the intersection of globalization, disruption, and politics. Ross specializes in helping entrepreneurs and thought leaders make better connections and better communications. He is the founder of Brigado


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Mind over STEM: With universities around the world cutting liberal-arts programs and even eliminating entire majors such as history, there is every reason to worry about the fate of the humanities. In an era of deepening technological determinism, we are going to need these disciplines now more than ever.


Brigadoon Sundance 2020
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Brigadoon is organizing its eighth gathering of entrepreneurs and thought leaders at Sundance Mountain Resort next winter.

Think of three days in the Utah mountains, engaging subject matter experts, meeting new entrepreneurs, hearing from thought leaders, enjoying winter mountain sports, a spa, yoga and meditation classes, the Owl Bar, delicious meals, relaxing by a fire, powerpoint free sessions, and discussions with fellow participants on emerging issues shaping commerce and culture.

The event is more retreat and less conference.

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2020 Topics:

Space Exploration
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Internet of Things
Immigration + Border
Robots + Automation
Modern Monetary Theory
Mental Wellness + Performance

2020 Bonus Activities:

High West Brunch + Tour
Thought Leader Training
Concierge Service

More information and tickets - here.


The Futur: Contagious selling with Errol Gerson


Minstrel Boy - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

Enjoy the ride + plan accordingly.


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