Meatless Burgers, Gen Zers, Single-person Household, Plastic Bags

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Meatless burgers are popping up on more fast-food menus, leading to product shortages.

Teens put off getting their licenses and buying cars: About a quarter of 16-year-olds had a driver’s license in 2017, a sharp decline from nearly half in 1983.

J.D. Power estimates that Gen Zers will purchase about 120,000 fewer new vehicles this year compared with millennials in 2004, when they were the new generation of drivers—or 488,198 vehicles versus 607,329 then.

Fatih Birol: How hydrogen can offer a clean energy future: Tapping the most abundant element in the universe holds tantalizing promise.

Consumer firms are catering to single-person households: Upending generations of family-focused marketing; smaller appliances, individual packaging, and giant toilet-paper rolls.

Today, 35.7 million Americans live alone, 28% of households. That is up from 13% of households in 1960 and 23% in 1980, according to the US Census Bureau.

A new trend of delivery-only, 'ghost restaurant' models is likely here to stay 

Did America reach peak automobile in 2006?  Vehicles per person increased by 18.2% from 1984 to 2006 (from 0.665 vehicles to 0.786 vehicles), then decreased by 5.3% by 2012 (to 0.744 vehicles), and then increased by 3.4% by 2017 (to 0.769 vehicles). Vehicles per person has been on a rebound since 2012, but it is still down from 2006 by 2.2%. In comparison, distance driven per person is down by 5.2% from its maximum.

At least 20 electric-centric versions of Detroit under construction in China as the nation goes all-in on a technology projected to sell in record numbers this year. 

Tanzania bans plastic bags: Under new measures, anyone using plastic bags in Tanzania can be slapped with a fine, and those caught manufacturing the items can get jail time.

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