Clothing Waste, E-sports, Cash, Car Thing, Cold Fusion

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Clothing waste: Google and Stella McCartney announce a sustainable fashion pilot program at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The British fashion designer has been a long-time advocate for sustainable fashion, and will now use Google Cloud data analytics and machine learning to give the brand a more detailed view into its supply chain.

Video gaming levels up into a sport: E-sports evolved from a hobby into an obsession, into a business — and now it is a full-fledged entertainment industry.

What happened after India eliminated cash: Two years ago, the Indian government abruptly wiped out most of the nation’s currency in hopes of ending black money and curbing corruption. Has the experiment worked?

2 weeks is the average time that it takes Spotify to “quickly surface new, popular songs”, as compared with three (3) entire months for the usual FM radio stations.

US drive time: 70 billion hours is the total amount of time that Americans spend in their cars annually, and in light of that Spotify is testing a voice-controlled in-car device dubbed “Car Thing” to be used to listen to music (and podcasts).

Did your surgeon build models as a child? It could affect your health: NYT reports, medical schools are noticing a decline in students’ dexterity, possibly from spending time swiping screens rather than developing fine motor skills.

Pollution: the race to clean up the shipping industry: New rules aim to reduce sulphur emissions from one of the world’s most polluting sectors but higher fuel prices are likely.

Scientists revisit the cold case of cold fusion: Scientists from the University of British Columbia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Maryland, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Google are conducting a multi-year investigation into cold fusion, a type of benign nuclear reaction hypothesized to occur in benchtop apparatus at room temperature.

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