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@jasonfried: In the same way that sound isn’t music, traffic isn’t audience.

People killed in 2015 by:

Mosquitoes: 830,000
Humans: 580,000
Snakes: 60,000
Sandflies: 24.200
Dogs: 17,400
Kissing Bugs: 8,000
Freshwater snails: 4,400
Scorpions: 3,500
Tsetse flies: 3,500
Roundworms: 2,700
Tapeworms: 1,600

HT GatesNotes

Think tanks per country, 2017:

US: 1872
China: 512
UK: 444
India: 293
Germany: 225
France: 197
Argentina: 146
Japan: 116
Russia: 103
Canada: 100

HT University of Pennsylvania


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