Destiny, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cobots, Best New Restaurants

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Destiny, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cobots, Best New Restaurants

Brigadoon Weekly
July 29, 2018
Curation and commentary from Marc A. Ross

Reporting from Alexandria, Virginia

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Managing globalization to meet your business destiny

“This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.”
– Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent
that the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”
– George Orwell

Globalization has significantly changed the nature of American politics forging a new generational paradigm. 

How business proceeds in this new public affairs environment is a challenge that few are ready to engage.

The election of Donald Trump has uniquely changed the Republican Party into something entirely different than it was just two years ago. Bernie Sanders, who forced Hillary Clinton to tack left in the primaries, has done the same to the Democratic Party.  

For Election 2018 and Election 2020, American politics will see a tremendous amount of shifting and movement between the two parties as they redefine themselves and or break into four rioting parties operating as two parties.

With an endless news cycle, a continuous flow of global commerce, politicians advancing protectionist laws globally, and committed geopolitical powers looking to reset the landscape, American politics is being shaped from many directions and far beyond America's shores. Decisions made in Beijing now impact events in Brussels which in turn compels policy in Washington, DC.

The ability to manage this dynamic, globalized political environment, particularly at the intersection of business and public policy, coupled with an underlying cultural phenomenon rejecting the establishment, this new environment is more challenging for American government officials, policymakers, voters, and companies.

The pace involved in addressing political challenges has increased as well as the scale of the problems due to a globally diverse network of stakeholders. American voters have spoken and demanded a more significant share of the profits. The traditional capitalist ideal of being responsible solely to shareholders in under threat and business going forward will involve numerous stakeholders, including governments, media, bloggers, consumers, non-governmental organizations, investors, employees, and citizens. For leaders, simply put, there are a lot more people that will hold you accountable and want a say in the process.

For global business leaders to be successful going forward, they must have the dispassionate skill to understand and engage global problems, foster economic development and opportunities, and manage a globally interconnected communications marketplace all influencing and disrupting American politics like never before.

Is your business prepared to handle and understand America's next generation and rendezvous with destiny?

-Marc A. Ross


A 4-day work week? A test run shows a surprising result

The firm, Perpetual Guardian, which manages trusts, wills, andestates, found the change actually boosted productivity among its 240 employees, who said they spent more time with their families, exercising, cooking, and working in their gardens.

The big business of being Gwyneth Paltrow: NY Magazine reports, inside the growth of Goop — the most controversial brand in the wellness industry.

Theresa May's impossible choice: The New Yorkers reports, with Brexit looming, the Prime Minister is battling Trump, Europe, and her own party.

FT: Pyjamas, pilates pants or pinstripes? A guide to out-of-office style

As our desks become more mobile, our working wardrobe is changing as well. So, what does the domestic professional wear?

Startups and small businesses are endangered species: Martin Chávez of Morning Consult writes. Google, Facebook, and Amazon collectively acquired a staggering 182 companies from 2013 through 2017, making the business practices of Rockefeller's Standard Oil seem in retrospect quaint and austere.


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Robotics for manufacturing, warehouses, maintenance, etc. is estimated to be a $105 billion market by 2025, according to CB Insights.

Much of the growth is being driven by ”cobots,” or collaborative robots that can work alongside humans.

Some examples of cobot use: 

- Banking: Cobots are being used to count and sort banknotes, which is an area that has long been sensitive to human error.

- Auto: They are being used to vacuum out cars at the end of the assembly process.

- Retail/hospitality: They are flipping burgers in robotic restaurants and sorting items at distribution centers for large apparel brands.

- Cosmetics: Cobots are allowing for more personalized products produced in smaller factories at L’Oreal.

Fortnite is 1 year old

125 million players
11 million mobile downloads
69% of players spend £ on the game
58.9% of purchases made were of skins (18% gliders, 13.5% harvesting tools, 9.5% emotes)
Avg £ players spend: $58.25

Traffic made worse by ride-sharing: A new study says that services like Uber and Lyft actually make traffic worse in major cities as consumers use their services rather than opting for mass transit options. Services like UberX and Lyft, the study argues, put 2.8 new vehicle miles on the road for every 1 mile of personal driving they replace. Read the report here:


Brian Koppelman speaks with Seth Godin


Alexander Popov - Siberia


Eater: The 18 best new restaurants in America

Bavel, Los Angeles
Bywater American Bistro, New Orleans
Canard, Portland
Carnitas Lonja, San Antonio
Cote, New York
Dialogue, Los Angeles
Elda, Biddeford, ME
Frenchette, New York
Kamonegi, Seattle
Hai Hai, Minneapolis
Hello, Sailor, Cornelius, NC
Majordomo, Los Angeles
Nyum Bai, Oakland
Maydan, Washington DC
Suerte, Austin
Theodore Rex, Houston
True Laurel, San Francisco
Pacific Standard Time, Chicago

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