Brigadoon 2016 Student Scholars Announced

Graduate students invited to attend fourth Brigadoogathering in Sundance, Utah

Samantha Register of UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and Chris Lum of Lehigh University are first recipients of new program

WASHINGTON, DC - February 9, 2016: Today the founders of Brigadoon and The Avalon Institute announced invitations to attend Brigadoon 2016 in Sundance, Utah were extended to graduate students at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School and Lehigh University.  

 The Brigadoon Student Scholar is a new project to invite promising graduate students who display unique leadership qualities to engage with seasoned entrepreneurs and thought-leaders at the yearly Brigadoon gathering in Sundance, Utah.

Marc Ross, founder of Brigadoon, and Perry Smith, founder of The Avalon Institute, issued this statement announcing the Brigadoon 2016 Student Scholar invitations:

Marc Ross: “When I launched Brigadoon, I wanted to create an intimate gathering that would bring together entrepreneurs and thought-leaders as well as promising graduate students to spend a few days to exchange and try new business ideas. I have long felt that cross-generational exchange is essential to fostering new business models and capturing new business opportunities.

"As a graduate of UNC Kenan-Flagler myself, I know first-hand the value of alumni providing opportunities for students to network and meet world-class leaders. I am thrilled to be able to provide this small window to encourage business students to see the larger world and engage with people who are working to solve challenges in medicine, diplomacy, management, and performance.

“I am inspired that someone of Samantha's background and experience is one of the first Brigadoon Student Scholars. I look forward to working with her and the Kenan-Flagler Business School for years to come to identify and invite other promising leaders from UNC to attend future Brigadoon gatherings.”

Perry Smith: “I first attended Brigadoon in 2015 at the invitation of Marc Ross to speak on rapidly changing 21st-century leadership models and the acute need for companies to explore new methods of connection between employees and senior leaders. The informal nature of this conference was amazing and greatly facilitated the open exchange of ideas in a relaxed environment. Last year’s gathering was so inspiring that I formed a new entity called The Avalon Institute, where we are now fully focused on developing neuroleadership tools and positive change models to enhance productivity for business leaders and their teams.  

 “Over the past year, I received invaluable feedback on our work and product development at Avalon by way of an outstanding group of students and administrators at Lehigh University’s Office of Student Leadership Development. As an alumnus of Lehigh, I am thrilled to say thank you and extend the opportunity to one of these student leaders to participate and network with an outstanding group of entrepreneurs and business leaders at Brigadoon 2016!

“This year our student scholar is Chris Lum. Chris is completing his MA in Engineering and Technical Entrepreneurship and embraces the creative mindset upon which Brigadoon was launched.  Our long-term goal at Avalon is to partner with Brigadoon each year and provide the opportunity for a promising student scholar from Lehigh to attend future gatherings.”


 About Brigadoon: Brigadoon was formed with the simple idea to connect leaders from around the globe with diverse talents to exchange insights and drive creativity. Brigadoon is a unique gathering that engages attendees to think about enterprise, culture, sport, and policy in a setting that is truly fireside chats and an audio-visual equipment free environment. Now entering its fourth year, Brigadoon is where entrepreneurs and thought-leaders gather every February at Sundance Resort in Utah. | @the_brigadoon

 About The Avalon Institute: The Avalon Institute is a company dedicated to teaching entrepreneurial thinking and the "boots on the ground" lessons we have learned in the private sector, Afghanistan, local and federal government as well as in universities and various branches of the military. In addition, we are developing unique products, sustainable systems models and IP for businesses in need of outstanding human performance and workplace development. We began in 2015 and have been working closely with US Special Forces as well as a number of corporations in the transportation, legal, technology and HR sectors. | @AvalonLead

About Samantha Register of  the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School: Samantha Register is a second-year MBA student at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School. Between insatiable travel adventures (she lived overseas for a year and was married in Tokyo last May), she has worked at GlaxoSmithKline developing patient insights for a biologic asset and at a boutique consulting firm in Washington, DC specializing in Fortune 500 talent strategies. She has undergraduate degrees in Economics and Mandarin Chinese from Duke University, where she also helped launch K-12 afterschool programming. Her favorite hobbies are scuba diving, photography, and baking.

 About Chris Lum of Lehigh University: Chris Lum is currently a graduate student at Lehigh University completing an M.Eng. Technical Entrepreneurship. Lum also works in the Lehigh Athletics Department for our Alumni Partnership and Leadership Academy teams. Before returning to Lehigh for his master’s Lum worked for 3+ years in supply chain management for two different companies. As an undergrad at Lehigh, Lum received a degree in supply chain management, served as captain of the football team, and participated in many other groups and activities. | @ChrisLum12

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