Since 2013, Brigadoon is the global community where entrepreneurs and thought leaders gather to discuss emerging issues shaping commerce and culture.

Brigadoon organizes a number of powerpoint free, conversation focused events in distinctive settings that involve all participants and foster deeper connections.

Now you can create your own bespoke Brigadoon gathering to engage your unique audience, reward your employees, or thank your clients.

Brigadoon Bespoke can craft the right solution, program, or custom content to advance your business objectives.

Marketing with Brigadoon

Brigadoon participants are smart and passionate — they are ready to learn, curious, open minded, engaged, and ready to take action. Brigadoon Bespoke can help your organization engage with an influential and discreet audience. 

- Have a presence at a Brigadoon event
- Connect your product or service to the Brigadoon network
- Access valuable insights from the Brigadoon network
- Amplify thought leadership about your organization
- Work with the Brigadoon to create custom content

Sponsor a Brigadoon participant

Brigadoon thrives by having a cross-section of attendees and subject matters at our gatherings. Sponsoring a non-profit executive to attend a Brigadoon event will help increase the impact of your corporate social responsibility initiatives.

- Sponsor a non-profit executive to attend a Brigadoon event
- Expose non-profit executives to Brigadoon’s unique events and global network

Bringing Brigadoon to your audience, employees, network, or clients

Brigadoon can tailor content or gatherings, from saloon dinners to multi-day retreats, which will engage your unique audience and further our mission of building a global community where entrepreneurs and thought leaders gather.

- Produce an original video, publication, report, or podcast series with Brigadoon
- Bring Brigadoon to your team, workforce, clients, or associations
- Develop customized and curated Brigadoon gatherings to engage your unique audience

For information on hiring or working with Brigadoon, please contact Marc A. Ross @